480.000 subscribers YouTube channel for sale

Amount of subscribers: 480.000
Country of subscribers (majority): KSA
Topic/Niche: Entertainment, Comedy, Social Media Celebrities.
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):

Description: My channel is based in Saudi Arabia, it have been a great channel and still, but due to new updates of YouTube and Article 13 it stopped monetizing last month and still not re applying to monetize it again.

Seems like Article 13 (EU Directive) will really flood buy/sell sites with a bunch of demonetized Channels. What a shame. I honestly haven’t been following what Article 13 is really about, not sure who to trust on my research. When I see Google complain about it instantly tells me it’s bad for their business, so maybe it’s good for webmasters/consumers? I really hate the fact that Google creates snipplets (basically steals info from websites) to display it over search results. This is pure theft, and Article 13 would put a stop to it, which in my opinion is a good thing. But, from what I read, Article 13 has crappy sides to it too.

It have been a great time working on YooTube and want not to stop working on it but i have my only way of making videos and it seems not good for YouTube anymore!
They still put ads on my videos while no revenue on them!

I do Agree with you, but also there is no fair use, the bad is more than good.
thank you for the retype.


No particular price for the channel, best offer will be under consideration.

Can you send me channel URL?

monetization option showing ineligible ??

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