4M USA Global Page / Entertainment & Pop Culture

Country of followers (majority): USA then European countries
Amount of followers: 4m
Topic/Niche: Culture, Fashion, Music, Pop Culture
Promotion methods used? Organic /Social boosts (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):


This a great Facebook page which has been inactive recently (no time to post) but has extraordinary potential. It is part of a global page structure which means you can launch individual pages for different market countries but still have the same number of followers showing. It also allows you to easily add pages (that you already own) to it if necessary provided you can amend the name so it matches.

The majority of past

content is owned and produced by the brand.

DM for any questions. I won’t sell unless I get a very decent price for it as FB pages like these are now extremely rare.

Serious offers only please.

Turkey :anguished:

send me price

Let me know your best offer please

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