5 Facebook pages with total 300k likes unpublished by Facebook

The biggest one is 150k likes and one of my best pages for Instant Articles earning.

Now, these pages have been unpublished differently. 150k page cannot even edit content.

It has appeal page which I written in about 10 times but I don’t think it ever gets submitted as the page doesn’t even reload. It says

Your Page has the following restrictions: Your Page has been unpublished and it cannot be published again. Editing content on your Page has been disabled. This limit is temporary and expires 14 April. All Pages must comply with our Page Policies. To see the user feedback on your Page, please view your Page insights. Why should Facebook remove these restrictions?

The other four didn’t have any restriction on editing content even after ban. I appealed on them (well there were 5 of these smaller pages and the 5th one was published) and had no luck. Now the appeal link is there but it redirects to the facebook home.

I can’t even delete posts on all the 5 unpub pages so I could trying appealing again (assuming smaller 5 have a link glitch). I tried on PC and Pages Manager app.

However, another glitch - I could delete from the mbasic.facebook site which I prefer in browser over m.facebook site. This could just be some glitch from FB’s side, however I can only delete a few posts because it is not an easy task. Like the publishing tools where you could delete 25 posts at once.

I want to ask if others have suffered the same issues, and if so, how did you contact facebook? How did you even get their attention, assuming the page publish review is not done by bots. For a site so huge, they have no customer support and are especially cruel towards non-business pages. I have been in pages from 2010 and always stick around as other page admins give up, but this time it got particularly interesting because I was making some good meme money.

What kind of contents were posted on the page? Political content?

No, humor.

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