5+ YEAR | 60M+ VIEW | 70K+ SUB | 1000+ VIDEO | FLASH GAME | 15 K $

Amount of subscribers: 70K+
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: Flash Game
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic


Hi, I am joining from Turkey.
My channel is 5+ years old.
I don’t have my own voice and face in my videos.
Only screen recording with game sounds.
Easily sustainable.
Channel Language: English
View: 60M+
Subscribers: 70K+

How I determined the channel price?
Lifetime revenue: 46.xxx $ / 3 ≈ 15k $
Only serious buyers please pm me.

Sell Reason
Statistics fall because I can’t show the necessary attention.
I’m an airplane technician.
I work day and night shifts.
There are times when I don’t upload video for a month.
And 5-digit revenues can be reached very easily if someone whose native language is English.
(if he shows his face and speaks while playing.)(I reached 5-digit revenue in our currency without doing them.)
Thanks to agar.io, with only screen recording.(as usual)
But I cannot see the motivation that will raise the channel again.
I want to sell this channel for this reason.

There are also sale ads on epicnpc that want to examine.

Best earnings: December 01.12.2015-31.12.2015 Estimated Revenue

December 2015 dollar / TL exchange rate. 1 $ = 2.90 tl

11.255 tl / 2.90 = 3881 $

Can you send me link please. Do you have the original email for this? Very interested

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please dm link


how much

You earn 400 dollars per month with 70 k subs and asking for 15 000 dollars ahhahhhaha gr8 b8 m8, i got a dude a dude who sell his channel with 1.8 millions subs for 18k and u want 15k for your ahahaha, plus that u have 23 000 views every 48 hours, dat’s really really bad

please do not write the subject without reading the contents.
you will see that the highest gain there is $ 3800.
Someone who will share his voice and face in videos can exceed this revenue very easily.

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please look the title

So why tf some1 should pay for his future work ??? lmao he have to pay now for the channel how it is at the moment not how it will look in the future, this channel max worth is 3K but 3 k is super max offer

thanks for your offer.

new statistics.

last month external traffic source

lifetime external traffic source

lifetime external traffic source 2

traffic source


PM me the link please.

Can I ask you what makes you think that you can sell this for 15k $? Why would you divide your revenuo with 3? Proceed the explanation and the channel URL to my PM please :slight_smile:



Link pls