597K Nails/Fashion Account For Sale! 4-8k Likes Per Pic

Property type: Instagram
Amount of fans/followers:597,000
Price: $8500 OBO

Description: Selling a 597k Nails/Fashion Account for a friend who isn’t on this forum! The account has 85% women followers , Highest AGE range is 18-24 BUT 25-34 &35-44 are pretty high as well!

20% of the followers are from the USA

The account still is posting and is VERY active! The account is in NO engagement groups and ALL followers are REAL!

Please PM me or reply below for handle and/or any questions you may have. Considering ALL offers at this time. WOULD LOVE TO FIND A BUYER ON THIS SITE!!

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

8500 for a 20% USD audience will most likely not get you a buyer on this site, but nonetheless, I wish you best of luck.

Offer is VERY neg :slight_smile:

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Hello, can u send me the URL please? Thanks.

Yes, sending it now

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Account continues to get great organic engagement! Still considering all realistic offers

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Please message me username thank you

messaged you

PM me deatils

I PM’d you

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