⭐ (69$+) Massive Meta [IG/FB] Employee E-Mail Lists for sale | HQ & 100% ACTIVE employees! ⭐

Selling massive & HQ Meta Representative E-Mail list(s)!

Over the past few years, my agency and a few well-connected partners have built a substantial network of Instagram contacts. I’m now offering to sell some of these email contacts on Swapd. This is a great opportunity for individuals or agencies seeking services, as our reps can handle Username Claims, Account Merges, Unbans, Verification requests, and much more operational issues.

All emails for sale are manually verified, guaranteeing they’re active employees. We ensure 100% accuracy through regular manual checks. This can be 100% proven.

Our employees span across EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and NA regions.

:star: PRICES :star:

100 Employee E-Mails (You can choose which region.) : 69$ + fees
500 Employee E-Mails: 249$ + fees
1000 Employee E-Mails: 399$ + fees

This list won’t be sold to many people, so feel free to drop me a DM, also if you have any questions. :envelope_with_arrow:

What is the point of these emails if they only reply from trusted senders ?
All these emails can be collected in linkenid.



  1. This is not true. Representatives will also reply to new / established agencies and relevant individuals and other. That‘s how we also built up several relationships with employees.

  2. No, they can’t just be collected on LinkedIn. These are official work emails and I am sure they are not publicly posted on LinkedIn or leaked anywhere else.

So how were they acquired?


Out of lets say the 100 emails, how many are likely to want to help you?

@Mafia, yeah another reseller haha

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You can PM me about that, I will show you.

If you can acquire single representative from these mail, trust me man you won’t be selling them for 1000$.
Like what’s the point of sharing emails when you can generate thousands of $ just by working with single representative.


@guruig not true, these reps work, just 75% of this site has no idea about business and knows how to talk to them.

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Please send me a PM looking to buy 100 employee mails