7.5m BTS Jungkook Instagram account

Country of followers (majority): International followers
Amount of followers: 7.5m
Topic/Niche: KPOP/BTS/POP
Does it include the OG (original) email?: OGE included

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Payment methods: Bank Transfer or Crypto(btc or eth)

Price Negotiable, leave your messages& questions i will check and reply when i can

The account is the one of the most followed rare accs in the industry. Serious buyer only. Significant effort, time, and money dedicated to the acc. It has been 7-8 yrs since I had the account. Been busy with work and study recently so I’m here looking for a good buyer, ideally, can be someone who knows or likes the artist.

The artist has many great achievements.
:bangbang:More statistics below :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

Billboard No.1

Also, the figures’ newly launched YT MV easily passed 100m views within the first 2 weeks.


:bangbang:More statistics below :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

Instagram Broadcast Channel - It has around 50k members. The channel can easily grow to engage over 100k+ members, the traffic can also be used for growing other kpop accs, or personal accounts and pop-related accounts.

Meta Threads - It has 10k+ followers. I temporarily deactivated it as I was not using it. The Threads account has potential to grow easily to 100k~200k+ followers if activated and as long as the acc owner makes an attempt to grow it. The new feature is often called the Meta version of Twitter. It is highly likely that we will see some monetization features on the platform in the future. Extra features such as bonus program, creator funds, ads placement and other business collaboration request.

Subscription feature - Not given yet. There’s a big potential in the future, to be able to connect with the fans and perhaps monetize from there.)

Promos for online business -
( Provide the exposure/satisfaction to followers who look for related merch ) More than 50k+ usd worth of total sales were provided to kpop online stores over time.

With the help of this acc, it’s easy to grow personal accs.


Enable like count on all posts. It’s shady to hide it. Then I’ll review and consider

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Hey, go ahead and take a look my friend. I have just unhidden.

Reason for selling?

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Hey friend! As stated, my friend and I manage the acc for many years and as we have grown older, we have a lot less time to post regularly. We have rly good interaction with the fans and got broadcast channel in which fans are very engaging and supportive.