70+ Twitter Influencers Or 3 Youtubers Crypto Marketing

Service type: We work with a group of 70+ Crypto Influencers and 3 YouTubers you can choose from. They’ll make Tweets or Videos about your project so that it gets more reach.

Service Details & Pricing:

Tier 1 Influencers (910k-2.5M Followers)

  • 1 tweet for ($300)
  • 10 influencers ($2500 ~ Negotiable)

Tier 2 Influencers (244k-880k Followers)

  • 1 tweet for ($200)
  • 20 influencers ($3500 ~ Negotiable)

Tier 3 Influencers (100k-280k Followers)

  • 1 tweet for ($100)
  • 30 influencers ($2000 ~ Negotiable)

Crypto YouTubers (279k-553k Subscribers)

  • 1 video ($500)
  • 3 videos ($1000 ~ Negotiable)

Let me know which plan suits your marketing budget and I will send you their Twitter accounts or YouTube accounts list.

Are you talking about crypto influencers or the worthless “giveaway” profiles with “500k-1m followers”?

Please send list of all influencers.

If they are real, not giveaway profiles which are worthless because the followers are giveaway chasers not actual investors, then I’m very interested.


send list!

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Same question. Please send list to check

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Replied to everyone, looking forward to your reply!

same send me too

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Interested! Not sure if the tiers are country based or strictly follower but looking to try out all tiers to see which convert best

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send list please, would like to see the accounts promoting

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Dm me the list

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dm me with list fast

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Send list please!

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please send the list