700+ Creator Contacts used to make 5M + on Tik Tok shop through affiliate *now only $100

What’s up guys!

I am selling a very unique list of Tik Tok shop creator contacts that have been used to generate over 5m + on Tik Tok shop in the Beauty category.

Why is this list special?

These are creators who are actively looking to create content for your product heading into the holiday season for FREE in exchange for commission of the sales and free product.

This list is a gold mine Heading into the holiday season

As many of you know who sell products / do affiliate. It is hard to get the contacts of creators who make videos that make sales + don’t require upfront payment

Price: $500 for first person in exchange for a vouch
Payment method: USDT, Wire preferred
All Sales are final on delivery

This seems pretty cool but how does it work? Like you send them your products and then they review it to their audience and whoever buys it you make sales from it? Does your product also have to be in the beauty niche?
It sounds interesting honestly!

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