750 000 follower Instagram Account Quotes Niche

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 750 000
Topic/Niche: Quotes/Texts
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Hey everyone!

I run a Quotes/Texts Instagram account with about 750 000 followers and 15000-20000 likes/image on average. I created it, and have owned it for several years. If you have any doubts, I can confirm ownership and all.

I’m ready to let it go because to be honest I’ve grown pretty tired of managing it on a daily basis, and I’m very busy now because of my studies. I used to make $1500 a month minimum when I worked hard on growing and using the account for affiliates and shoutouts. However, these days I’ve honestly not had the time, and so I’ve been passively making about $500 a month from shoutouts.

For anyone who is willing to put in some time, I’d estimate that you can make upwards of $2000/month for a strong affiliate partnership. Here’s an estimator for potential earnings per post:

Note that this is an estimate for an affiliate partnership, not just a shoutout.

So if you have the time, this can be a money machine. It’s been annoying for me for a while since I’ve had it for so long and am not free enough to run it, so it can probably benefit someone else more than it does me.

Alright! It is estimated to be worth about $14 000 on Social Tradia, but I’d be willing to let it go for $11 000. JUST give me ANY offer, honestly; I will be willing to hear about any interest.

If you are willing to work hard you can probably get a 100% return within 6 months. Don’t be scared to make any offer.

Note: I will only use a trusted middle man service like SWAPD for the transaction. Hope you understand! :slight_smile:

Thanks! DM me if you are interested.

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Not able to buy it right now cause of work but please send handle name

Thanks for your input!

I am not talking about Shoutouts at all. Shoutouts alone give me about $500 a month. The link estimates affiliate partnerships and marketing purposes, not shoutouts.

Say, if I agreed with a business to do a partnership that includes link in bio, posts, and story updates, within a few weeks this could generate a collective $1500. This, however, does take skills in negotiation and outreach with businesses, but can be even more rewarding for some.

I agree that is not ‘per post’ but rather per short-term (less than a month) partnership. I would say it is a better estimate of income from affiliate deals, not shoutouts.

So it is very possible to make 2000-3000 with this account per month if you are smart enough at business and negotiation.

Thanks for the clarification!

Could I see the url please?

pm me url as well as how you’re monetizing now, what’s working so it can be replicated