760k insta and shopify website turning over $4k a month!





Can I take a look? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hypeauditor works off forecasts, it basically predicts things. It can’t be trusted. That’s why even in the screenshots you provided it asks “Are the demographics the same as your IG Insights?”


I did explain the reason for the follower drop and in regards to price I’m working it off my shopify store as this is selling as a combined business not just account. These sell for approx 20-25 times monthly profits so I’m actually priced very low. Its also been valued by blacks brokers at £49950 and by another company at $70k.

I appreciate it would be high if it was just an Instagram but its not. Its a business that would make a new owner profit from day 1.


Any source on that? Who said this? So, if my Instagram account made 1000 USD in a month, it would be worth 25,000 USD?
Who are black brokers? Have a website?


That’s just industry standard for the fashion niche. You can check previously sold prices on flippa and shopify exchange. Blacks brokers are a Manchester based business brokers and yes they have a site. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.blacksbrokers.com/&ved=2ahUKEwjFg8nJkqngAhUhUxUIHYxbDrYQ_BcoCzAEegQIDBAq&usg=AOvVaw29arbUK4Yg1a8_zEjOXJ5K

And to confirm its not your Instagram that would make 1k a month and be worth 25k. Its your shopify store. Maybe I put this in the wrong section?
Instagrams wouldn’t be worth this multiple alone but like I keep repeating myself this is a business. Not an Instagram. The website ranks number 1 in Google for multiple search terms and draws in in excess of 10k unique visitors monthly.


Ahh sorry, for some reason I’ve omitted the fact that it comes with a website that earns. I apologize. Yeah I guess it would be better fitted to have this in Domains and websites? Not sure to be honest.

If your store regularly earns 4K per month, and the stats can be verified, then your price tag is absolutely justified.


Thanks for that acknowledgment. Can we get it moved and all this convo cleared up? I can send you analytics for last year’s trading if you want


We will audit everything at checkout. To avoid confusion I’ve edited my previous posts.


Forgot to ask, is this 4k revenue or sales volume? Because that’s a huge difference :slight_smile:


4k revenue with about 50% pre tax profit margin


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Interested, please send all details


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handle and site?


Can you send further information? IG name and some Shopify pics? Best.