760k insta and shopify website turning over $4k a month!

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 760k
Topic/Niche: fashion
Does it include the OG (original) email?: yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): promotional posts and organic

This Instagram really is a gem! It has won numerous awards by hype auditor including top 100 in the US, UK, Australia and India in its respective niche. The Instagram is linked to a shopify that averages $4k a month in sales with around 50% profit. This is all without any ad spend! The business as a whole has been valued by blacks business brokers in the UK for £49950 and by flippa up to $75000 so it’s mean average valuation is $60k. I do realise that people would not be prepared to pay this so I am open to any and all realistic offers!
The account does come with the OGE and the website etc.

Attached is a screenshot of insights on recent posts

@Administrators can i get this marked as premium?

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I will mark it premium for now, but I am a little concerned about the recent follower drop.

Thanks. It’s down to a promotion we did recently which was a giveaway. It’s common for followers to drop after this kind of promotion when the result is announced

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I am interested. Please send link. Thanks



Link? Thanks!

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Link please

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can you send username so we can vet?

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Sent PM to all!

Please send me the link.

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So there was an offer of 45k on this item which proceeded to a ticket however the buyer could not complete ID verification therefore I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A BUYER!
There’s been a lot of interest so don’t miss out and tender an offer! I welcome all offers big and small!

Please send me the link. Interested


Send me the link of instagram also the shopify


The comments on the instagram posts are all from bots. Bots have been programmed to post a number, to make it look like they are engaging with the post. However, why the need for bots to take part in the posts?

They aren’t from bots. Happy for a staff member to audit. It’s already been audited by hype auditor and scored good

you can see here

what is username