Amount of subscribers: 803K
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: RAP / HIP HOP
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): ORGANIC 100%

Hello to you all
i’m selling my HIP HOP channel grown up from 0 to 803K actually , channel is monetized with MCN Network , and actually made 23K USD in 2019 from google , and 24K USD from SUBMITS from young rappers , channel has in total 105K USD recieved all time from Google and over 100K USD + from submits till now , and going on… **

Monthly Earnings of Channel are the one you see 1900 USD with google , arround 1800-2000 USD by submits from young rappers promote ( Paypal ).

Why am i selling this channel ?
i had enough time to collect and save money for serval years now and build new idea on investing on a real bussiness outside online & internet , i decided to invest on other project that i’ve been planing since 5 years .

Why price is 50k?
**Basically you have to work 6 months to earn it back of what you invested just by getting paid by google & if you calculate plus submits for promote you can get much quicker than that 3-4 months , if you dont know what you’re doing and why this channel has this price , then you have no clue for this bussiness. **!

Any other questions that you may have or addition of any pic or screenshot let me know.

Channel has its Original Email address that i have opened it myself , and 2FA activiated and everything is ready for work.

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please mark my thread as premium !



url please.

sent to you two.

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If it’s part of MCN monetization what MCN and how much do they take and what’s the contract?

Please dm the channel

@xShowtime its 60% for channel 40% for MCN , you can disconect and connect anywhere you want its your right to do anything with that .

So you earned around $66,000 total over a 6 year period and you think you’ll sell it for $50,000?

Good luck with that bro!

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you invest in a bussiness 100K , and you expect to return that in 1 month ?
good investments gets returned in 5-6 years in real life or 10 years

and i think you did never read the submits part , wich monthly are higher than youtube earnings , so stop telling about price , if you are not capable of getting it , watch it and skip it.

and one more thing to be more clearly , its 2019 thats channel is monetized with MCN because of safety of being big , cause 80K was recieved in checks until 2018
and as i said earlier , you can disconect from MCN network and connect to your adsense , at your own risk always , and then earn back your money for 6 months , but stop crying please.

I would rather invest $5,000 on buying a mediocre channel and then spent $45,000 to promote the channel with many different methods, also you earned $1,900 - 100% ($1,040 - 60%) in December which is the highest CPM month…

You are the one who said the buyer will get his money back in 6 or even 3-4 months.

Good luck as I said.


@ConvercityYT good luck with that :slight_smile:

Could you send me the link please?

@Daan sent

Thank you. Could you send me the audience demographic. Also do you have the email address used to create the account on hand?

@leap sending now audience demographic , yes sure it has the original email address that is created since begining and never changed .

Lol 50k price… with my channel of 250k subs i earn 4 time of that lmao, how much should i ask for it lol 200K ? Even huge channels with 1/2 mil subs with an huge income they won’t ask for that lol

@bt_Raz good luck with that pal

pm link