$99 Instagram Management

Service type: Social Media Management
Price: Starting: $99/mo (repost only or you send captions and photos)

20% OFF if buying 3 months.

Description: I have been running accounts on Instagram since 2014, with a decade of experience I have learned how to optimize and get the best results out of Instagram pages. I have run accounts in the Car, Travel, Models, Memes, Real Estate, Finance and Gaming industries. I typically run theme pages but I also have done work with small business and corporate accounts as well.

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hey looking for a social media manager for an account

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You can grow followers ?


yes absolutely

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Low effort reposts that dont produce much growth, still sent him ticket funds since he spent the time on it.

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cheapest package includes repost only yes! works better on active / non botted pages with a set niche. thanks!

If someone has an active page, why should they buy your service? this is just a repost!! He/her can do this himself.

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1 post is really just to just keep the account moving or get it started, if your account is botted or losing thousands of followers per week its a special circumstance and youll need more posts.

If these posts are not designed from scratch or do not have original content, the person who will receive this service can find thousands of posts depending on the niche of the page and, as you said, share 100s of posts themselves. I think you should change the title of your $99 package just to republish the service, not for Instagram follower growth. Many packages like this are already commercially available. I even saw someone selling 1000 videos for a niche for $50. Please do not take my questions as a disservice to your service. There will be an announcement for buyers who will only receive this service.

I appreciate the feedback. We offer several packages, it clearly says in the description repost only for the $99/mo package.

You can DM me for other packages that yield bigger growth. The base package is a good starter or for convenience if you’re running a large page and just want to keep it going for a month, hands off.

I have run and grown some of the largest pages in the car and gaming Industry. Confident in my ability, a camera roll of green.