A few important changes!

Hello members.

Starting next week, we are adding another clause to our Checkout Ticket process. It’s an actual contract between the Buyer, Seller, and SWAPD. To continue buying/selling on SWAPD, all members will have to agree to the contract.

You can read the contract in its current form here:

Basically, the contract was created for financial reasons on our end. It frees SWAPD from invoicing the full amount on properties sold within our network, which was cumbersome and unnecessary. It also lays out in detail on how the transaction will look like, so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Also, starting next week we will be testing Premium Memberships. For a nominal monthly fee, we will unlock certain features of our website. Mainly, the ability to see URLs without asking via PM. This feature will be restricted to level 2 (and above) users, so not everyone will be able to join by paying their way in. We still care about the privacy of our listings, that is why only level two users will be able to join. We also offer VIP memberships, which will free you from the burden of monthly payments once you reach its minimum requirements.


Ahh yes, and starting next week we’re changing bank accounts, so don’t be surprised to see a different payment request!