VIP Status - What is it and how to get it?


What is a SWAPD VIP status, and what can it do for you?

We would like to introduce a new SWAPD feature called VIP members. Users added to this group have a set of special privileges. The VIP membership is free, there are no recurring costs, but joining this elite group of people won’t be that easy! First, let’s talk about what the VIP status allows you to do!

Current perks for VIP members

  • Ability to see URLs/@Handles of the properties in each listing inside the Social Media and Rare Handles sections. No longer will a VIP member need to PM each user for information.
  • Increased PayPal limit (for purchases) up to 2000 USD.
  • Priority custom support. We will go out of our way further for people with a VIP status.
  • The ability to sell influence on SWAPD, without a need for a checkout ticket.
  • Snazzy VIP badge next to your avatar.
  • Progressive fees for selling properties.
  • Custom/private category just for VIP members!

Progressive Fee Structure

  • Transactions up to 20K USD - 9%
  • Transactions between 20-50K USD - 8%
  • Transactions over 50K USD - 7%

Upcoming perks for VIP members

  • 50% discounts on launching auctions. We soon plan to release self-hosted auctions, just like on Auctions are usually the best way to sell a property, as bidding wars bring in higher profits. We plan to sell access to these auctions for 20 USD per auction. Oh yeah, if your property sells, your auction fee is waived!
  • Future expansion of features we don’t even know about yet!

VIP requirements - What do you have to do to become a VIP member?

To bask in the glory of VIP membership, you need to qualify by meeting our minimum requirements.

  • 5000 USD in sales/purchases. In order to become a VIP, you need to show that you are in this business for good.
  • At least three transactions. If you only have one transaction that passed 5000 USD, you do not qualify yet. You need 5K in sales and at least three transactions.
  • Conflict free personality. SWAPD is a place of business, if you do not know how to behave professionally, we cannot make you a VIP.
  • Verified Identity. We will not make anonymous people VIPs.
  • Admin vote. The last requirement is that all admins unanimously vote a new member in.

Think you qualify?

PM your nearest admin for help. Submit all the information we need to make our decision.

Do you believe you will never reach this status, but would still love to have perks of your own?

We realize that we have set the bar high, but that’s for a good reason. A VIP status wouldn’t be VIP if it were easy to obtain. However, we do realize that people mainly want to see the URLs without the cumbersome asking process. Please keep in mind that the process of hiding URLs from new members is here for everyone’s safety, so we cannot remove that feature. The good news is that you can have most of the VIP features without becoming a VIP member, via our Premium Memberships. A Premium Membership requires a nominal monthly fee, but it will unlock many of the features VIP memberships have. For safety reasons, even Premium Memberships will have a set of rules, and not everyone will be able to join. To learn more about Premium Memberships, click here.

A few important changes!
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