A friendly PSA: SWAPD.co is NOT FameSwap.com

Hello, my glorious SWAPDsters.

I’ve recently ran into a ticket where a user pointed out to a bunch of scam reports from all over the web and accused us of being scammers. When I politely asked for the links to these stories, we were presented to scam reports for FameSwap. It then dawned on me, I can see how people can make that type of mistake. FameSwap has the word SWAP in it, so I can see how someone who didn’t pay much attention could make the mistake of confusing the two. So, I would like to make one thing clear, SWAPD.co is NOT AFFILIATED with FameSwap.com in any way. I am making this post so it appears in Google for anyone searching for clarification.

FameSwap is the undisputed king as far as visibility goes, they rank super high for most important keywords. However, things have been sketchy over there. I don’t personally deal there, but we’ve heard some bad stories of selective scams going on by their very own staff.

So, to recap:


FameSwap.com = Them

Not affiliated in any way.
Thank you for reading.




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I have done a transaction over 5000$ there recently, their escrow service is legit. However there are a lot of scammers there who’re dealing with other payment methods.

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How does the process look like? Same as here? Do they audit? Do they help when accounts get pulled back?

Basically it works like this:
Buyer pays Fameswap via bank.
Fameswap confirms payment.
You sent account credentials to Fameswap
Fameswap secures accounts & forwards the account credentials to buyer
Buyer confirms he received the account
Fameswap pays seller via PayPal

They don’t do audit. I only sold accounts there, so I don’t know what happens when the account gets pulled back.

Swapd is definitely safer and better experience, but Fameswap aren’t scammers.

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Not saying they are, but at the same time, read that previously posted topic. There was good evidence that one of the staff members there was selectively scamming people. I didn’t make this up, and that topic actually has some merit to it. Just because you’ve made successful transactions there doesn’t whitewash all the other (i can safely say 100’s) of scam reports against FameSwap on the net.

So, calling them scammers is going too far, I know. But calling them NOT scammers with so much hate around them is also silly.

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And thank you for the explanation. Didn’t know they do bank wires, that’s pretty cool.

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They may be putting a BAIT and TEMPTING you for higher transactions? Just be careful. They are notorious. Just be careful and don’t take risks when you have other trusted forums like SWAPD and EpicNPC.


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Well, only thing I see is people getting scammed by a group of scammers using Fameswap’s name. They’re slandering their name, is what I see.

People could do the same to Swapd. Making a Facebook group “Swapd.co Number 1 Social media Marketplace” or something and scam people.

I’m just sharing my personal experience with Fameswap, I don’t think they’re scammers. However with big deals I would always prefer Swapd.co or other escrow services provided by public companies.

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I don’t think so, but yes I agree. I would use other escrow services for big transactions.