About Insured Topics

Insured Topics

If you come across a listing that has the #insured tag on it, it means that the owner of the listing has paid an insurance deposit to SWAPD.

Which listings require an insurance deposit?

In short, any service that requires clients login credentials or access in another form will have to make an insurance deposit to SWAPD before they can provide their services.

How much is the insurance deposit?

The insurance deposit is determined by SWAPD staff, and is dependent on what type of service you are looking to offer. Usually, the insurance deposit is $1000 USD, and can only be paid in Bitcoin.

Can an insurance deposit be refunded to the service provider?

Yes, the insurance deposit is fully refundable. When an insurance deposit is refunded, any listings that were previously insured will lose its insurance tag, and be closed. Note that we only refund insurance deposits in BTC value, and not USD value.

Why do you require an insurance deposit for certain services?

Some services are prone to higher risks than others. Especially when logins are involved. If an insured service goes south, and SWAPD staff deems that this is because of the sellers fault, we may consider releasing the insurance deposit to the buyer as a form of compensation.

I have a listing that requires insurance. Who do I contact?

If you need to get insured, please contact a SWAPD Administrator.