Agency Building Mentorship | Over $250K Annual Revenue | From a Business Tycoon

I recently removed myself from the OnlyFans model social media services provider industry. My previous listing explained my earnings, and revenue ~$500K over 2 years. The success of my business was largely in part to two very fundamental principles. The rest of the framework was laid out subsequently.

I’m bringing a mentorship to SWAPD to teach aspiring business owners how to build and scale a six-figure agency. I will NOT teach you how to tap into the OnlyFans model niche. That would be in direct competition and a conflict of interest. If you’ve dabbled with the idea of starting a formal business, but you’re not quite sure how to brand it, what to say, how to advertise and market, or any of the formalities of operating a legitimate business, this is for you!

In this mentorship, I want to teach you the fundamentals of business branding, and name establishment. These two things are paramount, and will always supplement your personal branding. You can expect to have a one on one mentorship and guide to complete the following in this mentorship. This is going to come in two phases.

  1. Personal Branding

Business branding is important. Personal branding is VITAL. It can not be replaced. A business headed by an individual with a successful personal brand will almost always be more successful. Drake launches a brand —> Drakes makes money. Even if the brand sucks - the personal brand is so well established that it does not matter. You see this all day long with the Kardashians, and even Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila, which tastes like butane and still does millions in sales. Obviously, we’re not at this level. I am just simply illustrating the power of personal branding. If someone is on the fence about buying from your business – you can show them your personal brand, supplement the reputability of your business, and oftentimes get a deal to close. This requires a STRONG personal brand. In my experience, this means established, respected, reputable and educated. Not a pretentious flaunt of wealth on Instagram. Not posing by a Lambo. Not club signs and bottles. A sophisticated, well put together articulation of your value as a person, and what you can accomplish. This is what get’s people to TRUST you and your brand. Trust is ever-important in any and every digital business.

I will explain how you can develop and refine your personal brand to display your best self, and other things you can do to substantially enhance the perceived value of your brand. Each person will be unique. This will be a 1 on 1 consultation to help develop your personal branding.

  1. Business Branding

When we have a foothold on your personal branding, we can start to consider beginning the actual business. If you already have a business, we can talk about rebranding, logo, name, color palettes, target audiences, main offers, and all of the other fundamentals that go into establishing a legitimate business. If you are USA based I will explain to you how to file an LLC, where to file, how to get your EIN’s, which banks give the best offers, introductory benefits for business credit cards, where to record your transactions, managing your books for tax season, and everything else you need to successfully run a business in the United States. If you are outside of the USA, I won’t be able to provide you that depth of consultation, but will still be able to answer any business related questions regarding income and expenses. I will also help you build your website, brand it, social proof, and all other relevant details.

   **Side by side, as If I was building the business myself.** 

I’d like to reiterate, I’ve generated over $500K in revenue in 2 years all while maintaining my other full-time obligations. Building a business like this is absolutely possible and can be a vital and realistic supplement to your present income.

Additional Features:

  1. You’ll have access to all of my business development contacts, giving you exclusive rates for website development, logo and animation creation, post creation and scheduling, and other business-related contacts that can help you build and brand. This alone can save you THOUSANDS of dollars because the rates I get are insanely below market prices.

  2. Multiple 1 on 1 mentorship sessions to help your personal branding. Once you get to the business branding stage, it will be a lot more reliant on your efforts. I will guide you throughout the process, in either sense.

          **Knowledge is Power** 

In this case, knowledge is money. With a mentorship of this kind, you can save yourself years of wasted time and thousands of wasted dollars. I want to help you on a path to building a successful business.

For now, I am taking ONE client at a time. I want to actively help you.


DM me with interest and questions. Thank you.


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