Ai Reels management for Models, Unleash the power of Ai

Service type: Creating Viral Reels pages for your model
Price: 1500$


We manage your reels page using to generated content, eliminating the need for
bespoke content creation with your model


The process starts with a with a clean selfie ,
Without any filter, piercings and glasses

Provide us simple details such a custom link, @'s of a similar looking model and optionally the @'s of models you want to target.

The pages we manage will be loaded up with mass-direct-messages. to build more momentum.

We block all the audiences under 25 that are coming from India Brazil and mexico. to ensure you gain the best quality of audiences.

The photo underneath is a great example of a clean selfie we
can use to generate AI generated content

We have various pricing options to fit your needs.

Our package is $1500 a month, which includes 2-3 posts
per day on 3 pages, equaling 220-276 posts in total, ensuring
every clip is unique

For custom packages, please reach out to our telegram to
learn more and request a custom quote

The following is the results of a campaign we ran for a client

The client gained 7,000+ followers within # weeks
organically (Its 10k+ now)

We actively reached the explore page multiple times

While the campaign has not concluded, we still hold
significant growth momentum, gaining 500-1000 followers
a day with only 1 post a day

Account has over 10k followers right now and top video sits almost on 1million views.
First 1mill video within a month

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