All hail, our new moderator!


@ChrisD is our new mod!

Pay your respects and watch out! This guy is the reason why many scammers lost their pages and many victims got their properties back.

Thank you Chris for joining the team!


Thanks guys… all I gotta say is… you think Meg is tough… you haven’t seen anything yet… scammers beware.


Yeah @MeG is pretty awful, everyone knows that.


@ChrisD Congrats sir for became a modarator of swapd​:heart::heart::heart: Our Believe Our Proud Our Love = SWAPD :heart:


Hello new leader


this website is awesome i really like that you guys thoroughly check everything


Nice congrats @ChrisD


@MrJose please do not use our logo as an avatar, some users may be confused that you’re staff.


Congratulations @ChrisD!


Oh, boy am I glad to hear this!

Congratulations to @ChrisD!!