Am I being Scammed? Facebook Experts Needed

I recently lost monetization on my facebook page for limited originality, despite owning and licensing all the content. I have had its re enabled before after providing an explanation but this time once i appealed, they responded too fast before i could explain.

Any i found this quite well known and large group on FB, where the moderator/admin is now charging $100 to remove monetization issues and have it reenabled via facebook’s internal team.
Now the only issue is (because idc about losing $100), is that it requires admin access.

I spoke to another admin who vouched for him, and he said: “and no you cannot lose your page via giving someone admin while. you need to register your page to your business manager that way no one can hack the page or remove you from the page if you add them as an admin”

Is this really true or am i being scammed? My page is indeed already part of my business manager

I’m pretty sure this is true. but maybe there are some exploits that I’m not aware of

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Thanks, if anyone else can confirm or have heard of any scams like this let me know. Just seems crazy to give admin access to someone, but if theres no way for me to lose my page then ill go for it…


An admin can take control of a page if there is a business owner?

Yes, there are some methods out there, he would lose the page, they also hit you with a reach limit if they find it suspicious but yes 100% possible to over take a page even with BM on.

Scammers are smart, there was an instance where I helped a guy, it’s been some years, what the scammer did is that he changed his profile name to that of the page admin and then added 5 more profiles with the exact same DP and name. Considering that most people were noob back in the days, the page admin couldn’t figure any of the scammers sh*t out.

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Damn, that is scary. I guess you can never be safe

@aaarrrjjj Don’t do it. try searching for a service here.

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Yep, don’t do it, there’s no method to fix it and even if there was it’ll never be $100

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Delete any posts/videos that you made around the time of your demonetization and you will likely get it back within 24 hours

Update: I didn’t do anything and suddenly my monetization is back despite the appeal being rejected. wtf lol

That is good to head, @aaarrrjjj. Especially since the biggest crime here was FB doing that to you despite you doing everything right.

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