Amnesty time! SWAPD suspension appeal is available until the end of May, 2021

Every year, SWAPD gives banned members an opportunity to come back. Depending on what caused your suspension, you may be allowed back depending on the outcome of your appeal. So, starting today we’re accepting appeals sent to

Before you appeal, see what qualifies for a reinstatement.

Users who were banned for the following reasons will NOT be reinstated:

  1. Security concern suspensions. Any suspension dubbed “security concern” will not qualify.
  2. Pulled accounts.
  3. Accounts pulled by previous owners of the handles a banned member has sold.
  4. Users who used fake IDs (or not their IDs) to verify.
  5. Users who charged back funds.

We will ignore any appeals sent from such banned members.

Users who are eligible for a review and reinstatement have to fall under the following categories:

  1. Offsite suspensions.
  2. Ignoring tickets suspensions.
  3. Being unreasonably aggressive towards staff/members.
  4. Users who lied in their listings.
  5. Duplicate account creators (under certain conditions)
  6. Backing out on a deal mid-transaction.

Note that if you are allowed back, and violate our rules again, your ban will not be up for appeal in the future. SWAPD reserves the right to deny users reinstatement even if conditions listed in this topic are met. Each case will be dealt with on individual basis.


flood of emails from @RandyMarsh referalls incoming

OML nooo, I forgot. I need to seriously correct the rules and add: If you were invited by @RandyMarsh, you don’t qualify, ever.

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Unban my friend batonberisha



Why would you want back someone who lied?


It was referring to the OG email situations. Many times users don’t even know what the OG email is. If someone manipulated screenshots/etc, then it’s a no-go.

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This gig is now over. We’ve unbanned around 25 members, I think.