➤ An Opportunity to Elevate Your Career: Selling my Digital PR Agency with Sales Methods

Are you looking for a game-changing opportunity to elevate your career and make a substantial income with your own digital agency?


If the answer is yes, I have an extraordinary offer for you. I’m considering selling my successful Digital PR agency, complete with strategies that have propelled me to generate over $200k (with proof) in revenue since January 01, 2023, while maintaining a 40-50% profit margin—achieved without a single marketing campaign. Yes, you read that right. No social media posts, no hefty advertising budgets. Just a proven business model and a relentless commitment to success.

Why am I considering selling this?

I’ve learned a lot from this business model, and now, I’m ready for the next chapter: scaling. I’ve recently acquired a brand-new name, steering towards a full-service digital marketing agency. I’m going to scale my business with selling more than PR. I’m committed to assembling a top-tier team, implementing better financial management, and much more.

I want a fresh start, creating an opportunity for anyone ready to take over my current business model and the next big step in their career—a chance to turn dedication into dollars, just by grinding it out.

Who Should Consider Buying This?

This opportunity is not for everyone—I’m committed to ensuring the success of the person who takes over.

You’ll need:

  • A passion for making money online
  • Proven skills in high-ticket sales
  • Fluent English communication (also speaking)
  • A receptive attitude to learning and innovating
  • A strong work ethic and dedication to putting in the effort

Why consider this opportunity?

:sparkles: Proven Success: With proof of $200k in revenue, I’ve achieved this success without any significant marketing efforts, spending only $3,000 max on marketing and other costs.

:sparkles: Brandable agency: I’m offering a brandable domain name with a fully developed website, social media assets including Instagram, Facebook, (verified) TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts—all claimed under the brand name.

:sparkles: Lucrative Methods: Gain access to my highly effective methods for client acquisition and closing high-value deals. I’ll guide you on what services to offer, and where to source them.

:sparkles: Knowledge Transfer: Optional mentoring and ongoing strategies for scaling your digital agency. I’ve learned valuable lessons and am ready to share insights to help you succeed.

What’s included?

  • Brandable domain name with a website
  • A custom coded pricing portal
  • Social media assets (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Proven client acquisition and deal-closing strategies
  • Guidance on service offerings and sourcing
  • Optional mentoring for scaling your agency
  • Optional client base / relations

Most Importantly!!! The Pricing :slight_smile:

I’m open to serious offers, inquiries, and questions.

Pricing will vary based on your preferences—do you want the branding and strategies alone, or are you also interested in my mentorship and maybe clients?

If you’re not a Diamond member+ or lack a reputable profile, proof of funds will be required before sharing any details.

Serious inquiries only. No details will be disclosed until your commitment is confirmed.

Payment method: Crypto only.


Seems like a great offer! GLWS
also send me more info… :slightly_smiling_face:


Great offer, would like to hear more. :fire:

PM me please.


Sounds interesting! Curious who the lucky buyer will be


Great brother, perfect person!

I wish you success @Teal


Kindly send more details. So that i can quote you my offer