Anyone know this ? Removed badge to my friend acc

Nothing to say , my friend , a verified entrepreneur on Ig, get his badge removed . After few minute he was reached from @ecomallstar on instagram , someone who said “I deleted your ig badge , nothing against u but just my business for earn bucks “

Attaching some screenshot

The account had on the ig bio : the apex agency . Com , same agency of Adam Quinn :

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If I’m not mistaken his account was verified as a musician/band . So in other words a fake musician. His profile reflected a whole other lifestyle. I believe it was just un-verified as it was verified as a fake musician and not what the account actually represented. Correct me if I’m wrong

Wrong . Pls see the chats

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Someone else sent me a video of his account. And sent me all the press he was verified with. It was def verified as a fake musician

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I did him verified
Also why someone should send you his profile ?!

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They were trying to figure out why he was unverified. So they sent me a video of it and I found the issue. It said “musician/band” on the category… and they also sent me the old bio and everything used. I’m sure Instagram reviewed the account and took the badge as the account now represented a whole different type of page

I have no idea who the other person that messaged him is. However, he may just be someone trying to get some money by pretending that he has the power to “re-verify” the account. Or they just reported the account and that’s when Instagram reviewed it and saw everything had been changed.

I would agree with @Gogu. In addition, the provider who got this account verified for you may have lost his/her access to the media portal and this may cause losing badges for the accounts that were verified through this access.
As well, this guy who is contacting your client seems to be someone trying to fish in troubled waters. My client lost his badge and right after loosing it, he got tons of message saying I can get your badge back. It was very weird from where all of those people came. I think this guy is the same as those, but trying to play smart.


I was wrong smm is the goat wow :open_mouth: so sick :100::pray:t5::point_up:t5::point_up:t5::point_up:t5::point_up:t5::point_up:t5::100::100::100::100:

I went to the page and he got the badge back wow :hushed: this is deep I didn’t even know someone can take it away like that but good job :clap: on getting it back I went to his page and it’s there again congrats :tada:

The account Still dosent have the badge
@Antsworld22 you’re probably looking at the wrong page.

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What page is it? I just went to the Evanchristian page I thought it was that one. I’m sorry if I got the wrong page.

Come on, if that were the case, IG verification business on Swapd would cease to exist, as 9 out of 10 threads offer verification as fake musicians !

Besides, it’s just a rumor, there are no written obligations that require you to be verified as a musician only, without being able to pursue another career in your life.

Sign a contract? You can be a musician, got verified as it, and then you decide to become a fishmonger, that’s doesn’t mean now IG should remove your badge

That’s my just personal point of view :slight_smile:

However, this was not the point of the thread!

I just wanted to ask :

My friend, was unverified, and was contacted immediately afterwards by an instagram profile who said he was the one who sent the unverification request, because it was his business.

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Ah ok so I can buy and make 50 articles from 5R, about someone , writing that they start as an entrepreneur (as was initially verified) he has now become a sushi-man and then have a report made, so as to have the customer banned and unverified, does that work with justin bieber too?

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@SMM there are methods to remove the badge of someone from 0 to 3m followers just as there are ways to ban accounts from 0-1m

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Speaking about Justin Bieber Off topic but if you need a twitter followed by Justin Bieber I got you :joy: not a joke though seriously I do have one. You name your celebrity u want to follow u and I can make it happen

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