App problem in iPhone

I have an iPhone and the Swapd app is not sending any notifications even though notifications are enabled.

Try to re-download the app from the AppStore, then double-check your notification settings.

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I’ll try to do that.

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Wasn’t solve!! @Goofy

Perhaps @SWAPD can advise.

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Okay, mate!

Did you remove the app from your SWAPD settings when you uninstalled it? You need to do that, also.

How can I do that? @SWAPD

Go to your preferences and click apps:

Not work too @SWAPD

First do this: How to disable push notifications for SWAPD app
Then uninstall the app.
Then install.
Log in, and make sure you enable notifications.

Let me know, thanks!

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Not work :disappointed: @SWAPD

What type of iPhone do you have?

11 pro max

So odd, no one else is reporting this. Please give it another 24 hours to see if it comes back. Sometimes our push notification provider (OneSignal) has problems in a particular country and things get backlogged.

Take your time :smile:

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Have you turned on notifications from App ?


Contact to apple support They will help you

@mohamedhisham - We’ve released an update. Please uninstall and install a new version.

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