Approved Instant Articles for Sale

Facebook Instant Articles Available For Sale​:beginner::beginner:

:white_check_mark:Dot Com Domain
:white_check_mark:Old Layout
:white_check_mark:Namecheap Domain
:white_check_mark:Apps Not Created Yet
:white_check_mark:New Approved

:ballot_box_with_check: we can make full setup via anydesk if needed.

:arrow_forward:Come Inbox Directly for more details​:record_button:

:arrow_up_down:Deal via SWAPD Admin

:aquarius: Payment Method is Bitcoin or USDT

hello, can you tell me what is benefit of old layout ?

have a good sales !

Old layout is easy to use. That’s it

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Will you buy?

What’s the latest price ?

250$ is final brother.

If you need then I’ll make all setup for u via anydesk

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