Are key facebook urls worth anything?

Bit of a random question. I know keyword twitter/Instagram handles can sometimes do well. Do facebook urls have any resale value?

I own the page which was connected to an old page we had & recently had some ask if it was for sale.

I dont plan on using it, but never really seen facebook urls selling on here?


not really martin if your page has a massive following it might be worth something but not just a name unless its /fast or something like that…

btw i know you :wink:

Cheers! Haha who’s is this? Pop me a message?

Hi Martin,

Sam is correct. The username/url on Facebook is pretty much worthless. Because Facebook isn’t really built on a search style like and Instagram or twitter where having a good handle puts you in front of people. Facebook is more based around user sharing and getting in front of user at their timeline level with content.

Hence Facebook rewards good content rather than good handle. So there is no market for that page or any page that size unless it is verified.