Article Publication Request for Apple News, Google News, and a US-based Business Magazine

Service type: Apple News Google News US-based Business Magazine PR article


Description: Business + Writing I will Write and publish one article in the U.S. Based Magazine, Medium and Apple News, Google News

  • Commissioning of a guest post to be written and published in a renowned US-based magazine, Medium, and on Apple News and Google News platforms.
  • Thorough research conducted on the chosen topic to ensure the article’s relevance and value to the target audience.
  • Creation of a well-written and engaging article that meets the publication guidelines and standards of the chosen platforms.
  • Inclusion of SEO keywords to improve the article’s search engine ranking and increase its visibility to readers.
  • Addition of media assets, such as images and videos, to enhance the article’s visual appeal and reader experience.
  • Provision of backlinks to relevant sources and/or the client’s website to increase traffic and improve the article’s credibility.


  • Only high-quality and unique English posts are accepted (no adult content, but cannabis-related content is permissible).
  • All photo assets must be properly licensed, or can be provided by the publication upon request.
  • The article should be submitted in Word document format, with the desired formatting and structure already incorporated.
  • At least one feature image should be included with the article.
  • Authors are welcome to include their name and bio for a personalized byline.

The publication has strict guidelines for post submission, with a focus on quality, uniqueness, and appropriate content. Authors are responsible for ensuring that photo assets are licensed or provided by the publication. The submission process is simple, requiring a formatted Word document and at least one feature image. The publication is also open to personalized bylines for authors.

TAT- 5 Days

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