Artist Badge Youtube Accounts available, Get one on your own name, 10k Subs-1m Subs

Amount of subscribers: 10k Subs - 1m Subs
Country of subscribers (majority): Non-Premium
Topic/Niche: Music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic


1- Artist Badge Youtube Channels available from 10k Subs to 1m Subs.
2- Price flexible. Changes with Number of Subs on channel.
3- You can also get a customized Artist channel on your suggested name. Delivery period 10-12 days.
4- BTC/USDT as payment.
5- All channels are organic. Changed from simple channels to Artist channels. Most of them are already Music Niche. But changed Niche are also a part of them. The main thing is you will get an Artist channel with your required number of Subs with an Artist Badge.

Inbox for more info.


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Please send links



why does this cost 15,000?

anyone can buy a cheap 1M subs channel that cost 2k to 5k$, upload music to distributor and get auto generated artist topic and can merge the artist channel with the main channel and get the artist badge.

it does not cost money or 15k$ for that matter



that’s not true

it is true.
how else do you think music streaming channels work?

they upload all music to distributor.
immediately artist topic is generated, example with distrokid.
i have music channel that went through same process.

so idk how its not true. lol.


Program criteria

To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, your channel has to meet the following requirements:

  • Own and operate a YouTube channel that represents one artist or band
  • Have at least 3 official releases on YouTube delivered and distributed by a music distributor or label
  • Have no policy violations on your channel

And one of the following:

  • Work with a YouTube Partner Manager
  • Be part of the YouTube Partner Program
  • Your channel is part of a label network that works with a Partner Manager
  • Your music is distributed by a distributor listed in YouTube Services Directory

what you listed is what im telling you.

artist topic.
youtube channel that represents.
without music distributor + your own music u cannot do this anyway.

get music done, upload to distributor, topic will be generated.
then you need to have youtube channel with your music uploaded.

you will get this artist badge.

it dont cost money.
the only money you will pay is with distributor

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