Artist/Label Services Company Making 100k+ A Year

I’m looking to sell my music label/artist services agency. This would include LLC, exclusive contacts, sync partnerships, label partnerships, clients, the ability to submit artists for verification, and much more to be explained to serious buyers.

Price: $30,000

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Making $100k+ a year and selling it for 30k only?


Yes, I want out of the industry. It’s a fantastic price and will sell quick. Also, if it was a turn key then the price would be much higher.


Send me more information. :wink:

Doing now

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Pm details

Send some more info. Run a mgmt company full time and may have use of some your tools…

Please send as I’m looking for ops in field of music.

Very curious to know more.

very interested. please share more.

I’m a partner at a major & independent label and am interested. Can close quick. Will PM you

Send me all details