Artist/Label Services Company Making 100k+ A Year

This guy was helping me recover some funds from my payout a few months back offsite 40k+ That was never paid out. I randomly got removed from my own payout the other day me and him where the only admins. I tried reaching out to see why I was removed. Offsite then onsite.
Crickets…. Super sus

Also want to clarify I’m not accusing him of maliciously removing me. However I’ve reached out just to find out if he knows how I get removed because we were both admins on the payout. Could have easily been a mistake. Just reach out plz and add me back to my payout if you can it’s connected to a big page of mine. @SXI


Hey man, I haven’t removed you and I didn’t see your DM I will message you!

@SXI just helped me get back into my payout probably another glitch from Facebook. Everything is good now thanks for getting back to me!

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Thank you!

Super interested, please PM me more information!

bro i want to start my music label distribution company can you guide me little bit about it.


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