Attention! If you're a new member and are looking to get your Instagram/Facebook account verified, please read this

This is an important message to all new members lurking SWAPD who need to get their Instagram/Facebook accounts verified.

After some internal monitoring, we’ve noticed that a few unknown and new members are offering Instagram/Facebook verifications to our users via private messages. We caught a few of them trying to get people to do a direct prepayment before they begin verification work. We’ve banned those individuals as those are pure scams, but we’re sure there are more of these conmen lurking here. Basically, what it comes down to is that @boogeyman’s topic was so successful that the word got out and users on other sites started to mention that SWAPD can get it done. What they don’t mention is who here can get it done, so newbies just show up and expect the first random stranger to do the verifications for them.

We believe scammers will try to capitalize on this and attempt to scam some of our members.

So, if you’re a new member, please be careful who you deal with inside private messages.

So far, only @boogeyman and @gxs179 were able to successfully deliver verifications on SWAPD. Please be super careful when/if dealing with other individuals, and if you don’t feel right about something, just contact our staff and we will check things out. And remember, never, ever, send any payments to anyone without opening an official checkout ticket.

Stay safe!


This is also a good time to praise our PM scanner. Is it invasive? Yes. But we’ve literally saved 1000’s of dollars today of a few individuals. Big brother is watching!


Hey @Swapd. Thanks for the heads up. Question: have any verifications happened on a ticket recently? I get the sense that not much is happening at FB HQ lately. Can you let us know? Thanks

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Nothing yet.

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Correction! I’ve made a mistake. Two users provided verifications on SWAPD, it was @boogeyman and @gxs179. You can find gxs179 topic here: Instagram and Facebook Verification, Username and Account Recovery Service. (Original Seller on Swapd)

Boogeyman’s services are temporarily suspended until he sorts a few internal problems out.


Do you have any idea when he plans on resuming?

@boogeyman? I am not sure. I think he is doing a few verifications as we speak but right now things are rough as Facebook is cracking down (so I’ve heard). He plans to resume his service very soon, if everything goes as planned.


Although I’m a new user and don’t have anything to add. Just wanna let you guys know you’re doing amazing job in managing this community in fair manner.
I came here from different site. So far it seems like there isn’t any much safer space than SWAPD to deal online. Thanks to all the staff for providing this platform to carry out safer deals.
Looking forward to stick here for a longer period if time.


Thank you very much for your kind words and glad to have you on SWAPD.

@boogeyman I’ve sent you a Pm. Ready to open a ticket as soon as you can

It happened with me and he insisted in sending payment first.

That’s a great article for new ppl to know who they are dealing with, stay safe


Thank you Swap’d. Both are such good sellers. @gxs179 was so nice and tried to verify mine before payment. I still need more press, but he was so easy to work with.

I’ve had the good fortune to be well acquainted with @boogeyman . He is outstanding to work with, very honest and always does his best to make his customers happy, He is a very hard worker and does everything he can to make things work. I would recommend boogey to anyone with out a doubt, he is the best on Swapd. He has amazing patience and always keeps his cool even when there are bumps on the road. I trust this guy 100%. He loves what he does and gives it his all. I can’t even consider him as just a seller, I can consider him a friend of high standing. Thank you @Boogeyman for being such an outstanding and capable person. You are a breathe of fresh air in this industry.


I believe @boogeyman is able to deliver all the PR needed to become verified, but you will have to wait until he resumes his services.

What about me that delivered a Facebook verification? :disappointed:

How many times did you do it? We’re these verifications consistent?

Looking for press $3k. Need to be eligible after press is delivered, can submit via panel myself.

One time haha - but I haven’t had many requests that I believe that would go through. I’m pretty sure I have the same method as @boogeyman or @gxs179. It’s just not worth it to submit if they dont have PR. And I don’t have any resources to offer PR packages.

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That’s where @boogeyman rocked. He provided everything that was needed to become verified.

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