ATTN members from Pakistan

Just an FYI, all our payments sent to Pakistan via bank wires are being delayed considerably. This is something out of our control, as it’s the intermediary banks located in the United States that are actually causing problems. JP Morgan Chase is holding the wires hostage asking for more information on our clients.

If you’re currently waiting for a bank wire from SWAPD and you’re located in Pakistan, please be aware that the current time frame is around 9-10 business days, and that’s if the wire doesn’t get frozen.

That is all, thank you for your attention.

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Next time you wire, you may send extra info along with other wire info.
So far they are asking only one thing that is Date of Birth. Hello FBI/CIA… is it you that needs this info?
Anyway, and they are asking for First, Middle, Last Name.
Next time you wire, you can mention in Brackets before every name as whether that’s Two-Word name or a Three-Word Name or so on…