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Your business is excellent.

Your products are top-notch.

So why aren’t you selling more?

It could be your content.

B2B content writing is different than other types of content writing, and I know how to craft it to speak directly to your ideal buyer.

My Writing Process

Based on my own experience.

I’ll create unique content that differs significantly from the content that you will see from content mills and agencies.

For SEO Optimized articles, I use the Pain Point SEO Strategy.

Pain point SEO Content focuses on solving a specific problem your target audience faces.

This problem could be anything from helping them find the right product to solving a common issue they have.

Addressing a pain point, I can show your audience that you understand their needs and can offer a solution.

Pain Point SEO Content can help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

I aim to help your company rank for buying keywords with my content.

Buying keywords attracts qualified leads and sales, not just empty traffic.

Price for 1500 Words Article:

  • Non - SEO Optimized Content: $500
  • SEO - Optimized Content: $750

Payment Methods: Bank Wire.

Open for custom requests.

Feel free to DM for more information.