Be prepared if you are running big pages

Bad news.
What qualifies as a ‘big page’ here? Any idea.

Nop. I’ve been thinking too. 1m? 10m?

  1. So they are not letting fake accounts run large fanpages. I am OK with this.
  2. They will show name history. As someone who buys/sells fanpages, I am thrilled to see this implemented.

I don’t see anything wrong with these changes, unless I am missing something?

If the measures taken aren’t draconian or unfair, this sounds okay to me. Knowing Facebook, however, I have my doubts they’ll handle this effectively.

If my name will be on page, cheaters can easy hack my pages…This is only good if they guarantee no1 can stole pages.

5 of my pages were unpublished by facebook and the appeal didn’t do anything. I guess my admin account didn’t have a profile picture so I probably count as a fake account.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with profile pictures.

When FB starts to implement this, you’ll have to upload IA document and verify an address. They likely will send a code to your address.

That’s my biggest concern too. Showing admin account to the public will put the page at risk.

Some correction here. I just went through the news again. It doesn’t say admin will be published.

But I think thats understandable taking in the fact that they rolled out the feature to list yourself on the pages you manage.

If they forced admin owners to reveal themselves as the true owners that would make my job 1000% easier. I wish this would happen :smiley: