Become a musician - Spotify Blue Tick + Youtube Artist Badge! Only 100$!

Price: 100$ before SWAPD fee, so 131$ overall.

Description: I’ve seen a few people offering these services here for ridiculous prices. I get profit, but I don’t see how selling for 1000% profit is fair. I would get you verified on Spotify (blue tick), and music verification on YouTube (an artist badge) for only 100$ (after fees).

I will make three shorts songs specifically made for you, either instrumental or vocal (and if you have a preference, let me know!). I’m a singer/songwriter and have been doing music for many years now, so top tier quality is promised. If you’d like to, feel free to check out my work as a musician here.

The songs will be distributed to all major music streaming platforms - and of course, if there are any specific ones you wouldn’t like to be on, this can be done.

For any questions/specific requests - please feel free to reach out to me at any time!

Please notice: The product you’re getting is the verification. not the songs, or the streaming revenue that would come from them. If you’d like to keep the revenue (which could be estimated here), as well as the entire commercial rights for the songs, or if you’d like professional full length songs, feel free to reach out. I’d be more than happy to work with you, specifically for your needs with a specific price.


pm thxs

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