Best offer, 140k subs Gaming channel 85M views

Amount of subscribers: 140,548
Country of subscribers (majority): India + Iraq
Topic/Niche: gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Hi I’m selling my gaming YouTube channel that gained a total of 85M lifetime views.

Since i got busy with my other projects, and since i wasn’t uploading much videos, I got demonetized for falling below the 4000 hours threshold every 12 months.
But you can re-apply instantly by just uploading new content, and gaining 4000 hours.
The channel has original content, just re-apply by adding a few of your own videos.

Is it possible to continue in this niche and make money?

  • Yes it is possible to continue working on this very niche related to GTA 5 kids content, superheroes and races.
    Since we have experience with it, it is possible for us to get you in touch with some team that can make this content.
    so, if you are planning on making passive income, the kids niche is one of the largest niches available.
    It is possible to gain millions of views as you can already see, which is evident from the past performance of this channel.

Reason for sale:
During the time i was working on the channel, it was very active and gaining millions of views everyday, until I got busy and had to focus on my other projects.
So my reason for selling it is because I’m busy with other very important projects.

So you can buy this channel to kick start your niche and journey!,lifetime,audience tab,top geographies
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