Best organic PR - Top tier tabloids

Organic PR - Top tier tabloids! Get spoken about like a celebrity

Get featured in ANY 2 of the following

  1. Mirror
  2. Sun
  3. Express
  4. Daily Star
  5. Daily Mail
  6. Independent UK
  7. NY Post

No sponsored tag!
No ad feature tag!
No contributor tag!

Completely organic. We’ve been in the PR game for a few years now. We have had clients get featured on some of the biggest publications in the world. These tabloids are literally the best features that can be guaranteed!


  1. You cannot choose which publication you would be featured but it would be in atleast 2 of the 7 mentioned above (all top tier). Please do not message asking for NY Post specifically. I’m unable to guarantee it.
  2. Some of the clients get 3 or 4 coverages. Price stays the same!
  3. The journalist writes the story after interviewing you via a written questionnaire or phone interview.

Price: $3600+ fees
TAT - 2-4 weeks

DM to ask for samples!


Can you do specific publications from the list?

Cant do specific ones if you want it fully organic. With a contributor tag you can choosr

me plz

Same story or multiple different stories?

Same story. Article is tweaked by the publication including title might be altered

Its the best PR that we can guarantee.

GLWS. Will be interested in this in a few months time