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Best Discord Gym Server + Vanity URL

Price: Best offer

Country of followers (majority): 36% Unknown, 30% USA, 10% UK
Amount of fans/followers: 10,000+!
Handle - @gy*

I am selling a 10k+ member server which is insanely active and grows 150-300 members daily solely by the vanity URL set.
• The server has a fully set up moderation team, who have been carefully selected and are moderating for fun. They have all been moderating for over 4 months.
• The server has grown 10k members in 304 days, thats 25 members a day. Thats a an insane retention rate from the VANITY URL!
• All members have joined solely from the Vanity URL, no outside promotion was done to grow the server.

Looking at other servers in the same niche, the vanity URL on this one is insane. One of the main competitors is a discord server called “Fitness”, which has acummulated 16,000 members since September 9th 2018.
Doing the math, that is 1,662 days ago. 16000 / 1662 is roughly 10. My server grows 2.5x faster than the biggest competitor who has been in this niche over 5 times longer than me! (1662 days divided by 309 days, how long ago our servers were created)

Now that I have your attention with this insane server, let’s talk about how safe it is! Worried you might purchase it and something happens to it? You will be given the account created to create the server, including it’s creation email, which have both been untouched since the creation of the server OR the server ownership can be transferred directly onto your own account!

This server has NEVER been advertised in before.

Now let’s show you the insights

I will be selecting the daily engagement in the last 120 days for the insights (FROM 2022-11-29 TO 2023-03-28):

Growth & Activation

As you can see, the server steadily grows anywhere between 20-75 members daily. Most members are joining through the Vanity URL as you can see above.

The server growth is steady. On February 7th - February 8th, someone botted the server 1,000 members. As you can see, the server is not botted otherwise and this was not my doing.

Adressing the server leaves, on February 8-10th around 200-250 of the bots left the server. On March 25th, one of the staff’s in the server got compromised and pinged @everyone , resulting in 100 leaves. The staff member has since been removed.

Once again, on the 8th of February the server was botted, hence the dip in % talked, as the bots did not interact with the server.

The average 1 week member retention rate is 20-30%. (this is how many of the users do not leave within a week of joining)

In the last 28 days, nearly 1500 people joined the server through the vanity URL, no redirects such a TikTok were used (Proving it was grown fully via the custom URL.)


A visitor is a member who has clicked into the server and has viewed at least 1 channel. A communicator is a visitor who has sent at least 3 messages and/or has spoken in a voice channel. The server averages 300-500 visitors and 15-40% communicators daily.

The average member sends between 30-70 messages daily. With the total server messages being between 1500-7000 daily. Voice chat is rarely used, but when members decide to join the public voice chat together sessions last between 1 and 3 hours. Please note that we do not organize any voice chat events, these members join themselves.

Between 3 and 10 people mute the server daily, thats an incredibly low amount considering over 50 people join.

This metric is measured in the last 28 days, with over 200,000 thousand messages exchanged in the last month.


All data is based on members who visited the server in the last 28 days, you can see that most members are USA and UK (GB = Great Britain) and a very low percentage (less than 5%).

These statistics speak for themselves.

Announcement Channels & Welcome Screen

I am going to be skipping these as there is no relevant information in them, in case you want to see them, reach out to me.

Partner Program

The server has passed the partner program requirements since it ever reached them initially. The new member count has a snowball effect with more members adding to it every month.

Discord has denied the partner program application, even though the server surpasses all requirements to apply by far. Even YouTuber Beluga’s server will not be partnered due to how limited this feature is. Some people pay over $2,000 USD for a partnered server due to its rarity.


The server also ranks insanely high on the community discovery tab, which you can access my pressing the navigation button under the add server button. Ranking 5th place when you look up “Gym” and at the top of the 2nd page if you search “Fitness”, it also ranks on the first or second page for terms like “Body building” and other related topics.

For those who have no idea about Discord server activity, this page is like an Instagram explore page except people actually follow it.

This server is perfect for those who want to offer personal coaching, gym apparel & accesories or affiliate marketing for products like protein powder or creatine. This server has NEVER been advertised in before.

The server was created and grown by me.

That concludes all insights and general information, the server has the automod setup enabled and automatically times member out for breaking the rules. If you have any questions about this server feel free to reach me out.

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