Best twitter on the market

Best twitter on the market. Not releasing name unless you can show proof of funds.

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Interested can you say followers or engagement

Interested, what’s the vertical and size?

Only the username is valuable. The account size is irrelevant

And you want proof of funds before you’ll share the @?

What suffices as proof?

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Screenshot of bank balance/bitcoin balance on mobile.

Used this method on all other websites to save time sending usernames to time wasters.

He meant private message him your proof of funds, not post it publicly


Still have this for sale

Bumping this. Best twitter on market. Taking decent offers

Still have this for sale. Taking reasonable btc offers

Please share. I can buy, check with Verdict.

Please do not share proof of funds… if you only want to share the handle with people more secure just ask that they have their ID verified… proof of funds is not something we push.