Beware of Elijah DeLorean Johnson

This guy Elijah DeLorean Johnson is actively scamming his followers and single mothers who are actually in need of help by pretending he is making millions on Facebook.

He is claiming he makes over 2m+ a month using fb bonus but he is so bad at lying is he shows proof saying 3 pages have made him 2m+ via bonus when each page can only make 30k max. Checking the pages the activity on the pages he claims to be making millions is dead pages

He uses his fake screenshots and says he will pay for oeoooe bills and hire them 10k+ a mo th but have to pay him $50 for something then blocks them.

If anyone is willing to help and forward this to a rep at meta it would stop him from scamming a lot of real people that unfortunately believe him. He is the worst of worst type of people on the internet!
just go to his Facebook and you will see how delusional he is.

He also used to have a verified 2m page but it got deleted because he sold it to someone and later claimed it back. He got sued and fb found out and deleted it.

His fb: Redirecting...



This is interesting

Crazy. Wasnt he a big Vine creator back in the day?