BIG Instagram account for Sale (half million follower )

Country of followers (majority): India , USA, Brazil ,mexico , Europe )
Amount of fans/followers: 463K
Topic/Niche: celeb, Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): I didn’t use any . PM ME IF YOU’RE INTERESTED

Description: it’s a very active page with very active follower , I’m selling it because I just had a baby so I’m too busy to post!

30k $ ??? omg :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thank you for listing your property on SWAPD.

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Please remember!

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Failure to comply may result in the removal of your listing.

Thank you!

30k ? are you serious man !!1

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Go look for 10K page somewhere else with your 200$ budget !!!

Instead of arguing over price, which right now at 20k USD is still ridiculous, how about you post some screenshots of engagement and activity so we can see if the price is justified.

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Yeah I will lock this if no screenshots are added.

@Alpha arguing about what man do you really think that 450K mixed followers for 20k $ ? those ppl should know that we are not a money machine or newbie anyway

This is the most absurdly priced acct I’ve ever seen. $20k for an account where the majority of the followers are in India. Lol. I think someone should tell this guy that his acct is barely worth $1k let alone $20k. Lol

Screenshot warning!

We have removed some portions of your entry (screenshots), as it directly violated our Terms of Service. You’re not allowed to reveal URLs or @handles to your property inside the screenshots. The reason for this is so you don’t expose the URL to the general public. It’s never a good idea to do so, as the topic will end up on Google, and sometimes hackers/social mods may try to take over/remove your social profile. If someone is interested, they will ask you to send them a private message.

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@Krisbianproud13 - First you lie about the top country, then you get angry when people call you out on the price. People aren’t stupid here, you will be lucky to get anything over 1000 USD.

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u go shove it on ur back with that price man… haha seriously a dumb fook

No need for name calling, @MediaBoy.

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