Block feature for the site?


I had an idea, what if there was a block feature.

The amount of times I have people randomly back out of deals, or I have the same 3 people on this site send me offers of $100 for a $600 page every time I post it. I’d love to block them or black list so I know they are to be avoided

Not sure who else would be interested in that but I thought I’d give me idea :slight_smile:


I think someone suggested it before, but we decided against it.

Edit: Note that I’m not 100% positive about this.


I just think it’d be helpful that like if 10 people have 1 person on their black list, it obviously shows that they should be looked into etc.

Doesn’t have to be blocked, but blacklist


That will be awesome.


We currently have about 10 other things we are developing, and every time we hire a developer we’re a few K’s lighter. This doesn’t seem like a big issue, so I will put this on our “maybe list”. The developers of this script (that our website uses) ran a few tests on larger forums where this was requested, virtually NO one used this feature, so they decided to go against it and not implement it in their software.

Also, in my personal opinion, even the worst type of users (most annoying) who never bring anything to the table happen to score something good once in a long while. I can’t tell you how many times people I wanted to drive over with my car came around and either:

  1. Spent a lot
  2. Brought exceptional properties

Like I’ve said, we will put this as a maybe. If more people request this, we will consider it. For now, if someone is super annoying, please flag the user and let us handle it.