Blockchain Marketing Services

Looking to market an NFT or Cryptocurrency?

Twitter Services

Package 1 [$5,000 + SWAPD Fees]:

2,500,000 Tweet Impressions

Promotion on 25+ twitter pages

Package 2 $10,000 + SWAPD Fees

4,000,000 Tweet Impressions

Promotion on 50+ twitter pages

Package 3 $20,000 + SWAPD Fees

10,000,000 Tweet Impressions

Promotion on 100+ twitter pages

KOL Buildout

Our KOL Service is best suited to those looking to completely sell out an NFT project. Ana group of 100-200 alpha group owners. We create the chat for the project, send all materials and info and then schedule them to promote before and after launch in their own groups. This is extremely effective for bringing in big buyers.

We’ve sold out many $2M-$3M presale (Offsite, DM for information on these projects), using KOLs and other backend services

Our KOL Prices are as follows:

50 Member KOL: $50,000

200 Member KOL: $150,000

  • NFTs & Crypto Influencer Campaigns

Topic/Niche: NFT/Crypto

Promotion options on our different accounts:

-Normal Post


-Pinned Post


(A-list/ more reputable influencers available for larger budgets)

Pm for rates and more info

  • NFT Marketing Campaigns


Description: Digital marketing and consulting services. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey managed strategy, an independent audit, or services specific to a short-term campaign, our experience and approach are sure to prove to be a valuable asset.


-NFT Consulting

-NFT Art Design

-Community Growth Campaigns

Pm for rates and more info

  • Viral INFLUENCER Campaigns- TWITTER, IG, and TIKTOK

NFT & Crypto Influencers

-Retweet campaigns # of RTs depends on budget

-A-list/ more reputable influencers available for larger budgets.

Pm for rates and more info!

Hello, in this KOL promotions, does one get to know who will be promoting it and how many followers they have?


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Yes you will be able to see the list of influencers!! I will send you a PM!!

Interesting. DM me please

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