BULK Article credits (Work for musicians / Fake Musicians)

Service type: BULK Article credits at some of the biggest music blogs that everyone uses to verify their clients whether they’re real musicians or fake! Works accross all social media platforms not just IG.


Bulk deals on press:

**$15,000 - Hype Magazine (Unlimited credits for 1 year) **

**$5,000 - 24hrhiphop (Unlimited credits for 1 year) **

**$3,000 - 33 Credits for Hiphopweekly **

$3,000 - 30 Credits for Kazi

Thisis50s bulk deals

  • **$10,000 - 200 Thisis50 credits (getting each for $50) **

**- $6,500 - 100 Thisis50s credit (getting each for $65) **

- $3,000 - 33 Thisis50 credits (getting each for $90)

If you do any of these packages, for an additional $2,000 i’ll include postings for these articles Deviltrill, Clickmytrack, Myblogverse, MyDrumbeat, Owlthelovely & match whatever package you get (for example if you get unlimited Hype Magazine - i’ll give you unlimited, or if you get 30 credits of Kazi, i’ll give you 30 credits of the blogs above)


If you are a reseller and have over 5-10 clients per month, this is for YOU. You don’t have to outsource your articles anymore, you can be the PLUG for other resellers as well while still selling the same packages to your clients.

Saving $ on something is the same as making $ on something. A huge way I was able to scale my company was cutting costs. Think about it like this, if you are getting 5-10 clients per month for articles like Thisis50, Hype Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, Kazi Mag, 24 Hour Hip Hop + . 5 more (most verification submissions want to see 5-10 strong music articles) & paying $100 - $200 per article you are spending $10,000 - $20,000 per month just on the press for your clients!

Since I’ve been able to do this, I’ve saved over $30,000 in press expenses over the last 6 months…

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