☆ BULK Certification/License Contact Data | Excel/Spreadsheet Format | FOR Email Blasts, Mass SMS, Cold Outreach

Beginning this thread, I do not outsource. I create all my code and datasets to ensure a fast, high-quality delivery to my customers.

If you are a B2B business looking for bulk certification or license contact data, I can provide you with what you need as long as it is public. I will not perform any blackhat data collection (i.e. breaking into someone’s database).

There are two approaches I typically take when scraping, depending on the website flow/layout:

  • User session sending requests
  • Bruteforce-styled checking data links

Depending on which approach I will need to take for your case, the price will be higher or lower with the amount of checks needed.

Example Data:
A customer needed personal injury lawyer contact information in the South Florida area for email blasts and cold calls. I used the Florida Bar Directory to record the contacts of all the lawyers indicating they practice personal injury suits.

Contact me with your case. I can check out what you need and give you an appropriate estimate and completion time.


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100% illegal (in most jurisdictions), just so everyone knows.

This isn’t against the “terms of service” like how buying and selling social media accounts or making multiple Swapd accounts / not following the rules is. It’s actually illegal & you can be prosecuted criminally and or fined.

Maybe someone in a country that condones this activity & the act of bulk sending unsolicited commercial emails will be safe, but I suggest to any buyers interested to look up the laws & regulations in your jurisdiction.

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Fully agree with your warning suggestion to interested buyers in looking up the laws.
But stating that it’s 100% illegal in most jurisdictions is not correct.

In the United States, B2B cold calling is generally legal, but it is subject to regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For example, TCPA prohibits B2B cold calls to personal cell phones using automated dialers, and when making B2B cold calls.
Additionally, many states also have their own telemarketing rules. It’s important for businesses to stay informed about the telemarketing laws in the states where they operate, as state laws can be more restrictive than federal laws and enforcement can be initiated by state Attorneys General offices. Fines for violating the TCPA can start at $16,000 per violation, potentially leading to millions in private class action suits if numerous calls are made.

B2C email marketing in United States is subject to CAN-SPAM Act and the CCPA regulations. Rules include providing a clear option to opt out of future emails, including your business address in the email. Even if you outsource your email marketing, you bear equal responsibility for compliance and can be held legally responsible for violations. Violating the rules risks civil penalties and fines.
Here is a detailed compliance guide for business provided by Federal Trade Commission

Correct on both points. However, it’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial emails. They need to be double opt-in.

Obviously people do it and there’s a very slim chance anything will ever happen, and in some jurisdictions outside of the USA it’s fine, but it is 100% illegal in most like I mentioned. I just wanted to make buyers aware because it can have actual criminal consequences and fines unlike most everything else sold here :slight_smile:

GLWS @aves :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t4: