Bundle (20x) PR on cheap websites (1k for 10x, 15 x 1500$)

Full features articles on high-quantity websites (DA from 10-60)
Good for expand your name & your business, on internet !

Sites + DA

Great for entrepreneurs, crypto, business, influencers , welcome to any niche (no porn, gambling as always)

I only sell in packs of 10x minimum

The PR can also be split, i.e. 5 for customer X, 10 for customer Y, 5 for customer Z

Writing service included in the price, based on some info & keywords - examples that the customer will provide us

Prices :
1000$ + swapd fee for 10 full features articles
1500$ + swapd fee for 20 full features articles

Doing first package of 10x for 500$ plus swapd fee , most likely want to test someone without PR interested for verification for see if this will work