Buy Airmiles to any Airlines! (Rewards) ONE OF A KIND SERVICE!

It’s Time to Treat Yourself

We specialised in Rewards points brokerage, we buy and sell Reward points that are transferable to all major airlines We deposit miles straight in to our clients Airline frequent flyer accounts,
So when ever you wish or need to buy airline miles we will be happy to provide you with best prices and quick response and of course Best Service,

Best Price Guaranteed.

  • 50,000 AIRMILES

  • 100,000 AIRMILES

  • 200,000 AIRMILES

  • 500,000 AIRMILES

  • 750,000 AIRMILES

  • 1,000,000 AIRMILES

Reach out to us for prices only verified usernames will replay to.


**Timeline: Normally 2hours but i will keep a safe period 1-2days.

Payment method:
-Bank transfer + SWAPD FEES
-Paypal with +5% Charge limit 3000 USD

NOTE: You don’t pay anything if you don’t receive the points. (Payment is on hold with SWAPD until you get your points)
Prices changing every-month.
Points Expiry (3 years)

What i need:
-The Exact full name on your Membership. (Copy of ID)
-Your Membership number. (screenshot)
and of course payment to swapd :smiley:

Want to earn money? Refer a friend and Earn with us. :innocent:
Available airlines: :point_down: :point_down:

NOTE: Airmiles work best if you traveling from the origin where the airlines is established. Example: if you fly with fly emirates choose origin as DUBAI, UAE to LONDON roundtrip. if you choose Paris, France to London, UK you wont get that amazing price! same applies to all airlines, this is how airmiles work. I HOPE THIS IS CLEAR! please do not ask me " its same price or only 10% less", if you do not know how airmiles work with airlines please read the above note again!

Plus buying 50,000 airmiles wont give you much, we recommend to buy higher packages to get the ultimate 50% less, This is for people who want to travel IN STYLE business, first or multiple economy tickets!

Disclaimer We are an Independent rewards Points Broker, We are not Associated and or affiliated with Any Airline, We do not represent and or act on behalf of any Airline. We transfer reward points to your airline account, Our responsibilities ends once transfer is done and points deposited. :kissing_heart:


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Can you please send me pricing?

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I’m very interested but how do I get username verified?

How much for delta per 1,000 sky miles. Pm

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