[BUY] Facebook Page name change service

Service type: Name change service

Description: Need to change name of the page. Cannot change it because subjects are different.

Here is the message that I get from Facebook;

Hi, We’re unable to update your Page’s name because your request doesn’t follow our Page guidelines. The name you requested suggests that the subject of your Page has changed or may be misleading. This can be confusing for people who like your Page. Page name change requests that don’t meet our guidelines include changes that may be misleading (ex: renaming “I Love New York” to “I Love San Francisco”). Requests that meet our guidelines include removing descriptions from a Page’s name (ex: renaming “John Smith, Trainer” to “John Smith”). We understand that you might not know our Page guidelines, so we encourage you to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php/?ref=cr Thanks, "

PM :slight_smile:

still looking for

i can help you change name of page but i’ll need some info and of course admin on the page. Contact me for more details.

@Swapd, can close the topic, my page is unpublished, so no need to do this.

So sorry to hear!